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Turn Your Gold or Silver Purchases into Golden Opportunities!

Upload your gold or silver purchase bills and stand a chance to win amazing prizes every month. Your chance to sparkle is just a bill away!

Answer the Questions below to enter the draw



Make any gold/silver purchase within India.


Answer the questions to entered into our lucky draw.


Snap a photo or scan your purchase bill and upload it here.


Stand a chance to win big! Our prizes range from more gold items to exclusive vacations and more!

Exciting Prizes

Daily Prizes

Three 10 Gram Silver Coins

Weekly Prizes

Two 50 Gram Silver Coin

Monthly Prize

One 1000 Gram Silver Bar

Past winners


Why is this IBJA B2C Promotion scheme Launched?

1) The scheme encourages the buyer to buy Gold Jewellery / Gold Chain / Gold Bars, Silver Jewellery, Silver Bars from registered GST holder, which is beneficial to National and will also bring transparency in business.

How will I get my prize?

It will be delivered directly to your address or will be delivered at your jeweller address, as per your choice of delivery.


What is IBJA B2C Promotion Scheme?

This promotion scheme is exclusively for purchase of Gold Jewellery / Gold Coin / Gold Bars Silver Jewellery, Silver Bars etc. by any B2C Customer, who buys such product from any jeweller and / or bullion dealer having GST Registration.

Is it a Lottery Scheme?

No, it is not Lottery Scheme, but it is a scheme for promotion and prizes will be announced. Only few prize winners will be announced on daily / weekly / monthly basis. The number of prize and prize winners will be intimated on day to day basis / periodicals basis. The number of prize winners will be selected out of total no. of registration either on daily basis / weekly basis /monthly basis.

What a buyer is supposed to do after buying Gold Jewellery / Gold Chain / Gold Bars, Silver Jewellery, Silver Bars etc.

The buyer is required to upload the details such as Gold Jewellery / Gold Chain / Gold Bars, Silver Jewellery, Silver Bars and copy of Bill to be eligible for IBJA B2C promotional scheme.

Is there any payment to be made to IBJA by buyer or by Jeweller / Bullion Dealer etc.

No, payment is required to be made for being eligible in this IBJA B2C scheme by buyer / jeweller.

Who can participate in this IBJA B2C Promotion scheme?

Only Indian resident adult individual B2C customer is eligible to participate.

How will buyer be intimated about the prize?

The intimation will be sent on your mobile number through WhatsApp or email id mentioned by you.

What is minimum amount of purchase required to be eligible?

Minimum purchase of Rs. 10,000/- is required to be eligible.

Can I upload same invoice multiple times for increase in prize probability?

No, in case you upload the same invoice multiple times, you will be ineligible for the prize.

Within how many days prize will be delivered?

1)Within 2 month subject to availability of logistic services in your area.
2)Lucky draw winner must claim prize within 90 days of declaration of lucky draw

Will my data be shared with any other person?

We will maintain utmost secrecy of your data provide to us. However, samee shall be used for informing you about various other promotional schemes.

Who will pay for delivery charges?

Prize winner will have to pay for delivery charges.

Where can customer approach in case of any dispute ?

The decision of management of IBJA shall be final and binding, however the dispute if any is subject to Mumbai jurisdiction

Whether any tax will be deducted out of prize money ?

Yes, tax at applicable rates will first have to be paid by customer to IBJA, before prize is delivered.

Whether this promotion scheme is applicable in all the Indian States ?

One to complexity of law and non-clarity of law, the scheme do not apply in state of Tamil Nadu. Customers in their states should participate in the scheme only if they are permitted to apply in such promotion scheme.

What will be the date of prize declaration ?
  1. Daily prizes will be declared on next day.
  2. for e.g. for bills dated 17th July 2023 and uploaded on same day, the prize will be declared on 18th July 2023 at 03:00 PM
  3. Weekly prizes will be declared on each Monday of the week.
  4. for e.g. 1st weekly prizes will be declared at 03:00 PM on 24th July 2023 in respect of all bills from dt. 17/07/2023 to 23/07/2023 and uploaded in the same week
  5. Monthly Prizes will be declared on 1st day of the next month.
  6. for e.g. 1st Monthly Prizes will be declared at 03:00 PM on 01/08/2023 in respect of all bills dates from 17/07/2023 to 31/07/2023 and uploaded in the same month.
  7. If the daily, weekly, monthly prize draw date is holiday, the same will be declared on next working day.
Am i suppose to answer quiz question correctly ?

Yes, you will be eligible for prize money only if you have correctly answered quiz question and also satisfying all other candition mentioned in FAQ and terms and conditions.